About Cypress

Australian cypress, also known as Cypress pine or Murray pine, grows only in Australia from the Murray River in the south to central Queensland in the north.

Cypress has been used for all building applications from the days of the earliest pioneers and today is still one of our premium building timbers being featured in many award winning buildings. Over the last number of years many other countries in the world including Japan, United States and Europe have come to recognise and appreciate its natural qualities thus growing our export markets.

Our timber is harvested using sustainable management of Australian cypress forests that comply with Australian Forestry Standards (AS4708). Australian Forestry Standards recognises world’s best practice.

Natural advantages of Australian cypress include:

  • Durability – Australian Cypress is rated as Durability Class 1 making it resistant to decay.
  • Termite resistance – Australian Cypress is one of the few timbers that are naturally resistant to termite attack. No added chemicals are needed to resist termites and weather exposure.
  • Minimal shrinkage – natural shrinkage of Australian Cypress is very low, which means that applications such as bearers and joists will be very stable for many years to come.
  • Unique character – Australian Cypress flooring boards have unique characteristics, which are distinctly different from other species of timber.

Natural. Chemical Free, Termite Resistant, Durable

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