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Australian Cypress is a unique timber with rich colour and characteristics that include natural termite resistance and high durability.

It is also hardwearing, non allergenic and extremely versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications including flooring, flooring systems, structural timber, cladding, furniture, feature fencing, cypress decking and glue laminated products.

Our landscape range includes Cypress Chip, Garden Mix, Bark Mulch and Sawdust.

Cypress Flooring System

We produce finished tongue and groove flooring in widths of 85mm and 135mm. Our 85mm flooring is readily available with 135mm flooring available on special order. Both sizes are kiln dried and end matched. Our flooring systems include bearers, joists and other components to build your floor.

We are actively involved in the ATIC quality assurance program where our flooring is regularly audited on an external basis to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards.

Structural Timber

Australian cypress is available in the full range of structural sizes allowing you to build all parts of your home in natural, termite resistant cypress. Australian cypress has been used for home building and commercial applications such as shearing sheds and machinery sheds for well over one hundred years with many original buildings still in existence, giving lasting service with little or no maintenance.

Australian cypress is ideal for outdoor structures such as pergolas, carports, children’s playground equipment, and outdoor furniture.

We are actively involved in the ATIC quality assurance program where our structural timber is regularly audited on an external basis to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards.


Australian cypress is available in a range of products from traditional rusticated weatherboard to modern shiplap profiles. Our cladding products are available unseasoned or kiln dried, depending on profile. Australian cypress has natural durability and low shrinkage making it ideal for external cladding where it can be either oiled to maintain its natural colour and figure or painted to create a traditional appearance.


Australian cypress has always been used for furniture manufacturing and in recent years has found favour for use in outdoor furniture where again its natural durability and stability, in particular the fact that it requires no chemical treatment has made it increasingly popular.

Feature Fencing

COLONIAL_PHOTO%202_HR.JPGAustralian cypress is highly regarded for feature fencing applications where again its high durability both in and aboveground makes it a natural choice. It is available in a range of sawn and dressed products for all styles of fencing.

We currently have in stock pickets in a Colonial & Windsor profile for fencing. (See news for profile.)


Our cypress decking is 90mm x 20mm with pencil round edges and kiln dried. Being durable and not requiring chemical treatment it is ideal for domestic or commercial decking and can be oiled to provide a natural appearance or painted to any colour required. It is commonly available in 500 lineal metre packs but can also be supplied in broken packs if required.

Our decking is also often used for fencing or privacy screening applications.

Glue Laminated Products

Our glue laminated products are available for decorative and structural purposes providing solutions that normal structural timber cannot provide. Glue laminated products are available in a range of sizes from posts to beams.

We produce Cypress Glue Laminated posts and Cypress Glue Laminated stair systems.

88x88mm Posts are made from two 88x44mm laminas with a single glue line all corners have 2mm pencil round edge.

Stair systems include stringers and treads in standard three 90x42mm sections edge glued. Risers are 185x19mm made up of two edge glued laminas.

Other sizes can be provided on request.

Landscape Range

We have a full range of landscape products. Our natural cypress products are suitable for all outdoor areas including backyards and playgrounds. It also provides a solution for organic horticultural purposes in that it contains no chemical treatment but still has high natural durability meaning that it will give many years of reliable, natural service.

Our range of products includes cypress chip, garden mix, bark mulch, sawdust and shavings.

We now have available to order Agricultural Stakes that come in 50x25 in 1.5 lengths and are perfect for gardening and farming.

Natural. Chemical Free, Termite Resistant, Durable

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